EndDash is a two-way binding javascript templating framework built on top of semantic HTML

This ↑ is being rendered by this ↓

        What is your name?
        <input  type="text" class="name-" />
      <p class="hasName-">
        Welcome, <span class="name-"></span>.


These two areas are fully live examples of a model being bound to an EndDash template and then rendered below. Update the model and/or the template to see them render as you type.

<div><!--Enter your own EndDash template here!-->
  <div class="isName-">Hi <span class="name-">!</span></div>
  <div class="isNotName- text-"></div> </div>
new Backbone.Model({text: "Add a name to the model to see me change!"})

The results of your template and model or collection above can be previewed below:

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